Bathroom Renovation in Newcastle, NSW

One of the most utilized places in the home is the bathroom. Especially in the morning while preparing for work and evening after arriving from work and wanting a refreshing shower. The year’s of everyday use will take their toll on the bathroom features such as a sink, tiles, shower enclosures and lavatories will eventually show signs of ageing and wear.

Maintaining the bathroom and having regular cleaning will usually help extend the life of your bathroom. Tiles should be brushed and regularly dried to prevent moulds and grime from accumulating. The shower area is usually prone to water staining, moulding and discolouration due to water, soap, shampoo and other bathroom materials. It has to be thoroughly scrubbed once in a while and cleaned with eco-friendly stain removal to maintain its nice look. 

Whether we like it or not, daily cleaning, scrubbing and use of anti-stain chemicals might not be enough. After a few years of continuous use, the bathroom will eventually deteriorate and need renovations. 

How much will a bathroom renovation cost? 

So after you decide that it is the right time for you to renovate your bathroom, you have to determine your budget. The bathroom is often one of the most expensive areas to renovate in your house. This will cover the amount needed for tiling, plumbing, sink, shower and toilet accessories to install in the bathroom. 

A bathroom renovation cost may range from $10,000 for a small bathroom to $50,000 for a larger customized bathroom. According to Bathroom Renovations Newcastle, It will Depend on the type and size of materials you will be suing for the renovation. It can go higher, especially if you install luxurious bathroom fixtures and marble floorings. 

How many tradespeople do you need to hire for a renovation? 

The bathroom is a complex area in the house and contains many parts and fixtures requiring experts to install. You will need to have reliable water and electricity supply. You would also need waterproofing, tiles, shower fixtures, sink, toilet, mirrors, storage and other bathroom fixtures. 

A complete bathroom makeover will require different specialists such as tilers, plumbers, waterproofing specialists, electricians, painters and plasterers. 

What type of tiles do I use? 

Australian building code standards require the waterproofing of the whole floor in the bathroom shower area. The walls in the shower area should also be waterproofed up to a height of 1.8 meters. 

If the entire bathroom is made of wood or located on the 2nd floor or upper levels, the whole bathroom floor, including the shower area, should also be waterproofed. 

So the bathroom surfaces must be waterproofed before you install the bathroom tiles or wood panels. Porcelain and ceramics are commonly used tiles for the bathroom.  

Ceramics are easy to maintain as long as you use glazed or glassy tiles that do not absorb water, mainly because the bathroom is always wet. They are also affordable and will fit most budgets. 

Porcelain tile does not quickly wear, low maintenance and very attractive. They look like natural stones and can be laid closer for fewer grout lines. Homeowners may also use natural stones, but they may require more waterproofing. 

Do I need to replace my plumbing?

Leaking pipes will damage the bathroom and ruin your tiles, plasters and waterproofing. So updating your plumbing is equally essential as replacing tiles and other bathroom fixtures. 

It would also be best to increase the diameter of your drain pipes to avoid clogging. Water pipes should be modernize using better materials so they can last longer and withstand water pressure. 

It would be best if you did the plumbing first before doing the other bathroom renovating works. If possible, do a leak test before installing the tiles and bathroom fixtures. 

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